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Basketball Courts

The Ultimate Basketball Surface System For Any Backyard


Bring The Game Home

Turn your backyard into the ultimate hangout spot! Where family and friends can have a blast playing together, making memories, and staying off the screens! Picture this: your place becomes the go-to for friendly games with the neighborhood crew. Plus, your budding sports stars get to “up their game” right in their own backyard. Get a Basketball Court for Sport Court of Oregon, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your kids are safe, having a blast, and staying active close to home.

Enhanced Playability

Sport Court’s basketball court surface guarantees consistent ball bounce, precise control, strong stability, and quicker post-rain recovery.


Exceptional Durability

Sport Court’s copolymer tiles resist impacts, moisture, extreme temperatures, and fading, providing a durable, crack-free surface with a 15-year warranty.


Minimal Maintenance

Our pickleball surface, like all Sport Court outdoor options, require minimal maintenance compared to costly care for acrylic courts.


The Ultimate Basketball Athletic Surface

Performance Engineered

Develop your skills on the best basketball court surface possible to unleash your full potential. No sports surface delivers a better combination of shock absorption, ball response, traction, and playability.

Quality Guaranteed

Each basketball court is manufactured in the U.S., hand installed and inspected to ensure it is worthy of the Sport Court® name. Create a low-maintenance, lasting court.

Safe Lateral Forgiveness™

Sport Court's basketball surface is designed to keep you comfortable and safe. It's made to lessen skin scrapes, absorb shocks, and has this cool thing called Lateral Forgiveness™ that helps ease strain on your joints.

Minimal Maintenance​

Sport Court's durable high-impact construction is formulated to save you countless hours and thousands of dollars in maintenance costs each and every year.

Budget Friendly

Sport Court flooring systems offer the unbeatable combination of reduced upfront construction costs with incredibly low cost of ownership to ensure your budget dollars reach their maximum potential.

Exceptional Durability

Sport Court's tough tiles can handle it all — impacts, moisture, crazy temps, and even the sun without fading. They give you a solid, crack-free surface that's backed by a 15-year warranty, which beats traditional hard courts by a long shot.


Customize To Your Family

Sport Court brand Basketball courts are completely customizable to your space no matter the size or location. And they provide a safe, high performing space for you, your family, and friends to gather, have fun, and connect. Our courts have been know to become the hangout spot for the neighborhood, been shown to be a great anti-screen, and are a great way to keep busy no matter the weather.


Water Drainage

Our outdoor surfacing is engineered to allow water to pass through, but also features patented WetTrax technology, allowing traction rain or shine.

Comfort On Joints

All Sport Court surfaces allow for lateral & vertical forgiveness, which means it’s much better on joints & during those inevitable falls.

Dribbling Response

Our courts play 100% true to the game, from dribbling to shooting & everything in between, the difference is in how you feel during & after, not the game play.

Unmatched Durability

Surfacing from Sport Court lasts, rigorous testing and nearly 50 years of building courts proves it. Our courts last longer with less maintenance than standard courts

Basketball Court System Accessories



Height-adjustable backboards provide athletes of all sizes with professional-grade playability. The design minimizes vibration and backboard movement for optimal rebound.

Commercial Grade Longevity
Made with the highest grade materials providing superior corrosion protection for long-lasting and durable use year after year.



Extend the Game
Sport Court Light Systems extend your playing time, letting you play a game of pickleball or one on-one well after the sun goes down.

Energy Efficient Design
The clean look and design of our lighting system complements the other elements of your game court. Upgraded LED light systems save energy and provide better lighting control.


Containment & Rebounders

Ball Containment prevents home and landscape damage caused by runaway sports equipment. Plus, you spend more time practicing shots instead of chasing the ball!

Practice Anytime
Sport Court Rebounders enhance skills by allowing you to practice any time of the day without your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basketball Courts

Yes we do. We have different surfacing options for indoor and outdoor, but both play 100% true to the game and offer the benefits of durability, safety, and a whole lot of fun!
Of course, we call it ball containment netting, but can also provide chain link fencing. Some properties are unique with closeby neighbors or areas you really don’t want a ball to land in, we can provide options to help prevent this from happening.
Our systems last whether indoor or outdoor. We can provide you with options, but we install high quality hoops that won’t break the bank,
At Sport Court our premium basketball courts are made of two core flooring options. For indoor basketball courts we use our top of the line Maple Select flooring. For all outdoor basketball courts we use our most popular Sport Court flooring option, Sport Court PB surface.
All Sport Court surfaces require minimal cleaning and maintenance, and never need to be recoated. Your CourtBuilder can provide a more detailed periodic cleaning and maintenance program customized to your specific site needs.
Remarkably resistant to wear, our advanced SportGuard multi-layer polyurethane surface topcoat provides a high-gloss, no-wax, low-maintenance finish for optimal grip and scratch resistance with unmatched durability to protect the maple design of your new floor. Guaranteed to maintain its look and quality for 15 years of daily activities and play.
At Sport Court we provide height-adjustable backboards to provide athletes of all sizes with professional-grade playability. The design minimizes vibration and backboard movement for optimal rebound. Made with the highest grade materials providing superior corrosion protection for long-lasting and durable use year after year. We love the game like you do, so we’re dedicated to building a court that brings out your family’s full potential.
Our premium Sport Court courts both indoor and outdoor at Sport Court have unparalleled durability and shockingly low maintenance. Meaning that along with our courts alarmingly low maintenance, they do not need to be recoated.

Certified CourtBuilder™

Our skilled, licensed, and bonded CourtBuilders™ professionals are ready to help design and construct your indoor or outdoor project no matter the space and no matter the sport. From design to construction, we are prepared to help you with your project every step of the way. Including retrofitting to an existing slab or gym or building a whole new space from concrete and court surfacing to fencing and lighting.