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Multi-Sport Game Courts

The Premier Indoor & Outdoor Multi-Sport Game Court Surface

Any Game, Anytime.

You dream it, we build it. At Sport Court of Oregon, we’re dedicated to turning your space into your dream court, where fun, fitness, and family memories are made. Our multi-sport game courts are ideal for all, with their versatility, durability, safety, and high-quality play. Enjoy hosting virtually any group activity, family event, or multi-sport event with our custom multi-sport game courts. If you’re looking for the one-size-fits- all approach, look no further than these courts, which enable competitors of all ages, from all games, and all abilities to come together on your dream court.

Enhanced Playability

Enjoy playing a range of sports from volleyball to pickleball, to basketball and beyond. Multi use courts provide infinite possibilities for your competitive heart desire.


Exceptional Durability

Sport Court’s copolymer tiles resist impacts, moisture, extreme temperatures, and fading, providing a durable, crack-free surface with a 15-year warranty.


Minimal Maintenance

Our multi-use surface, like all Sport Court outdoor options, require minimal maintenance compared to costly care for acrylic courts.

The Ultimate Modular Multi-Sport Athletic Surface

Performance Engineered

Develop your skills on the best basketball court surface possible to unleash your full potential. No sports surface delivers a better combination of shock absorption, ball response, traction, and playability.

Quality Guaranteed

Each basketball court is manufactured in the U.S., hand installed and inspected to ensure it is worthy of the Sport Court® name. Create a low-maintenance, lasting court.

Safe Lateral Forgiveness™

Sport Court's basketball surface is designed to keep you comfortable and safe. It's made to lessen skin scrapes, absorb shocks, and has this cool thing called Lateral Forgiveness™ that helps ease strain on your joints.

Minimal Maintenance​

Sport Court's durable high-impact construction is formulated to save you countless hours and thousands of dollars in maintenance costs each and every year.

Budget Friendly

Sport Court flooring systems offer the unbeatable combination of reduced upfront construction costs with incredibly low cost of ownership to ensure your budget dollars reach their maximum potential.

Exceptional Durability

Sport Court's tough tiles can handle it all — impacts, moisture, crazy temps, and even the sun without fading. They give you a solid, crack-free surface that's backed by a 15-year warranty, which beats traditional hard courts by a long shot.


Customize To Your Family

Sport Court brand Basketball courts are completely customizable to your space no matter the size or location. And they provide a safe, high performing space for you, your family, and friends to gather, have fun, and connect. Our courts have been know to become the hangout spot for the neighborhood, been shown to be a great anti-screen, and are a great way to keep busy no matter the weather.


Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-Sport Game Courts

We are always happy to come out to measure your space and provide options. Everything we build is custom, so we can adjust as needed and make sure the court fits your wants and needs. We have been doing this for nearly 50 years and can make almost anything work.
You can select from our 18 options of tile and generally people use black and white for the lines. Once you decide which sport is the dominant sport, we can provide color options and help guide you through the design process.
We do, we can provide you with options to help you make your design decisions, then we order and install it all.
We do, we can provide you with options to help you make your design decisions, then we order and install it all.

Certified CourtBuilder™

Our skilled, licensed, and bonded CourtBuilders™ professionals are ready to help design and construct your indoor or outdoor project no matter the space and no matter the sport. From design to construction, we are prepared to help you with your project every step of the way. Including retrofitting to an existing slab or gym or building a whole new space from concrete and court surfacing to fencing and lighting.