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Sport Court® Products

Everything You Need To Build & Play Your Favorite Sports.


Outdoor Courts

Sport Court outdoor products are great for both Residential and Commercial use. This modular tile surfacing is engineered for safety, durability, and excellent wet traction – featuring our patented WetTrax technology – ideal for our Pacific Northwest weather.

Indoor Courts

Sport Court indoor products are engineered with safety, durability, and high-quality play in mind. Our surfacing is great for both Residential and Commercial use, and can be the perfect addition to your space to provide the character and quality you need.

Safety First

Turn your space, inside or out, into the ultimate hangout spot! Where your family can have a blast playing together, making memories, and staying healthy! Picture this: your place becomes the go-to for friendly games with the neighborhood crew. Plus, your budding sports stars get to up their game right in their own yard. Get a Sport Court® set up, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your kids are safe, having a blast, and staying active close to home.

Superior Impact Protection

No matter your age, no matter your sport, the occasional fall is part of the game. Sport Court surfaces exhibit significantly higher forgiveness levels, offering enhanced protection against impact injuries to wrists, arms, knees, and shoulders in comparison to other hard-court surfaces. This superior resilience reduces the likelihood of injuries caused by impacts on the court.


Shock Absorption​

The overriding safety consideration for any sports surface revolves around shock absorption. Meaning how well it distributes the energy resulting from an impact. Sport Court surfaces have patented, vertical shock-absorbing grids, strategically engineered to decrease both immediate and enduring injury risks.


Lateral Forgiveness™​

Too much lateral forgiveness can resemble sliding on ice, not enough forgiveness can put far too much stress on muscles and joints. Sport Court's Lateral Forgiveness feature addresses these concerns by facilitating slight movement between tiles. This design absorbs the transitional forces arising from abrupt changes in direction, reducing the risk of muscle and joint injuries, all while still providing high quality game play.


Low Risk of Skin Abrasion.

Abrasions and scrapes often accompany slips on any surface. However, all Sport Court surfaces are meticulously crafted to minimize the risk of skin damage while ensuring optimal traction. This design focus prioritizes user safety without compromising the necessary grip on the court.

Outdoor Court Surfaces

SportGame PB - Premier Product for the Pacific Northwest

SportGame PB stands alone as the top athletic surfacing for outdoor play. Engineered for safety, durability, wet traction (featuring our patented WetTrax technology), and exceptional game play, this surfacing is what your outdoor court needs. Ideal for both the casual and competitive outdoor sport play, it minimizes the risk of injuries while promoting extended court play. Opting for SportGame PB ensures your family or community will have a safe and fun place to play for many years to come.

Additional options are available.


Indoor Court Surfaces

Maple Select™ - Premier Product

Maple Select™ delivers an identical aesthetic, shoe squeak, and ball bounce to hardwood flooring. Its durability, hassle-free cleaning, and minimal upkeep not only enhance your overall experience but also contribute to long-term cost savings. Picture walking into your facility every day, greeted by a court that mirrors the pristine appearance, and play, of brand-new gym flooring, regardless of how many years it‘s been in use. Not to mention the meticulous engineering that has led to a court lasting up to 4-times longer than our competition.

Additional options are available.


Court Accessories

From lighting to hoops, we have all the court accessories you need to play the games you love during the day or night. 



Extend the Game
Sport Court Light Systems extend your playing time, letting you play a game of pickleball or one on-one well after the sun goes down.

Energy Efficient Design
The clean look and design of our lighting system complements the other elements of your game court. Upgraded LED light systems save energy and provide better lighting control.



Height-adjustable backboards provide athletes of all sizes with professional-grade playability. The design minimizes vibration and backboard movement for optimal rebound.

Commercial Grade Longevity
Made with the highest grade materials providing superior corrosion protection for long-lasting and durable use year after year.



Our net systems can fit your space no matter your racquet game of choice, and our height-adjustable options allow you to play whatever you want, whenever you want to.

From Pickleball to Volleyball and everything in between our net systems options bring competitive or recreational play to any space, with a durability and playability fit for the pros.


Containment & Rebounders

Ball Containment prevents home and landscape damage caused by runaway sports equipment. Plus, you spend more time practicing shots instead of chasing the ball!

Practice Anytime
Sport Court Rebounders enhance skills by allowing you to practice any time of the day without your team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basketball Courts

As with all custom construction projects these things vary based on several factors but we are talking about tens of thousands of dollars not a few thousand dollars. Our smallest projects start at about $15k.
From pickleball to basketball, inside to outside, our surfaces play true to each game. Essential points like ball response and traction are not lost with Sport Court surfacing, they are enhanced while also providing exclusive safety features, durability, and low maintenance. Also, our newest service engineered for traction, ball response, and safety is the reason we are now the official modular tile surface partner of USA Pickleball.
Our products last, so the majority of our maintenance has to do with yard debris outdoors which can be solved with an occasional blower. More extensive cleaning can be performed if needed through lifting the tiles, power washing all surfaces, and replacing. Indoor maintenance may include the occasional mopping, similar to any other indoor surface.
Our newest surface plays very well rain or shine. In the Pacific Northwest this is our exclusive outdoor surface as it provides the playability and safety we all need, whether a budding 5 year old baller or serious pickleball retiree.
We have found that our surfacing holds up better than others and even better than just a concrete surface. We have serviced courts we put in in the 80’s and although the colors may be a bit dated, the surfacing is generally still holding up.
In most cases of a broken tile, a tree branch falling is to blame, when that happens a simple replacement is not difficult. Most of the time we will leave you with a few extra tiles just incase. If our assistance is needed either by phone or in person, we will find time through the year to help.
Project scopes vary, but once materials are in hand, which can take several weeks, most projects are done within a few weeks after that. Delays can occur, but we do our best to start and complete projects as quickly as possible, so you can get playing!
Not much, we have built basketball courts not much larger than a key, but we custom built each court, so we are used to fitting to your space. As a reference a simplified half court is about 30’x40’, a pickleball court is about 30’x60’, and others can go up or down from there.
We absolutely will help you design your court. Some people need lots of help, others want to do it themselves. At the very least will make as many professional suggestions as needed to ensure your court is up to our quality and plays the way you need it to. And no, there is no extra charge for additional color tiles. You can have 1 color or more, that is up to you.
15 year limited warranty, ask us for more information. But we have been here for nearly 50 years backing up our courts and we hope to be here at least another 50 more.